Thursday, 29 August 2013

Fly tying with Wolfgang Fabisch: Parachutes

Fly tying could be easy if you follow some rules. I´ll give you some ideas to easy your fly tying. Have fun and enjoy.

lesson one the parachute

Today: How to tie a parachute fly.

How to tie Parachutes:

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

How it all began, fly fishing for Steelhead in British Columbia

In October 1989,  two friends and I sat together after grayling fishing. Our topic: The pretty dead time of fishing after new year. Shortly before, I had read an article about winter steelhead fishing on Vancouver Island, and so the talk was given. It said, in February no snow, good rise of steelhead, easy to reach with airlines like LH, KLM, Air Canada etc.
After a while of talking I ventured to hint that such a trip well would be beyond my financial capabilities.
At that time my fly fishing school runs four years with a small trade of fly fishing equipment. My two friends offered me the idea to buy several  fly fishers equipment when I use the profit for the journey.
So I ended up in February 1990 in BC. This year I will visit British Colambia the 38 time.

New product added

An easy way to prepare your dry flies for fishing.

silicone to prepare dry flies