Sunday, 27 December 2015

Fly fishing in Canada for Steelhead 2014 with gold head nymphs and dry flies, part four

Steelhead Fly Fishing Trip 2014 part four, from Vancouver Island to Hope via Lillooet

steelhead canada tor 2014 part four
After finishing my business on Vancouver Island, I took the last ferry back to the mainland, where I arrived shortly after 11 pm.

Further informations about the last part of the steelhead trip 2014

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Yuletide - Silencieux Christmas Time

Picture of the Week 51, Photo de la semaine 51 at Fabisch Fly Fishing
Yuletide -  Silencieux Christmas Time

This photograph has been taken just a week before Christmas. It gives the impression of peace and calm. Well, it maybe should show some more white, but the world is already working on this problem with supposedly high priority. After all, the future of our planet is on the agenda!
La photo était prise une semaine avant Noël. La scène semble calme et paisible; peut-être il manque un peu du blanc, mais tout le monde s'en occupe déjà. Enfin, il s'agit du futur de notre planète

Friday, 11 December 2015

Fly Fishing? | Pêche à la mouche?

Picture of the Week 50, Photo de la semaine 50 at Fabisch Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing? - Pêche à la mouche?
A Particular Way of Fly fishing | Une façon particulière de Pêche à la mouche

The picture of the week - Photo de la samaine