Friday, 20 January 2017

Stainless steel fly tying tools, produced in Germany by W Fabisch

Friends who knew what I was about to develop did not exactly consider my idea brilliant. To make new fly tying tools from stainless steel, and - on top of that - made 100% in Germany made them think I was off my rocker.

stainless steel fly tying tools

Lots of obstacles had to be cleared, my new ideas had to be turned into real products, and materials had to be procured from several manufacturers: stainless steel for machining and also stainless steel spring wire.
Take the head of the hackle pliers: the design has been known as Dorin pliers, but it has so far only been available in nickel-plated versions. This part, however, is produced to my specification in the required size in stainless steel. Thus 6 out of 7 tools are made completely from stainless steel, even the spring ring connecting the hackle pliers to the handle. The only metal part not made from stainless steel is the bodkin tip, because the steel I use instead lasts longer in this type of application. 
Now we’re ready: all new tools are available and have been field tested by fly tiers. For further details see the fly tying tools page 

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