Saturday, 20 April 2019

Electrofishing on the Wiesent

Weekly picture at Fabisch Fly Fishing, Week 16 -  2019

Electrofishing with pros on the Wiesent
Of course, there is also a bit of curiosity, but actually such an stocktaking will help to control the stocking better the next few years. However, electricfishing should not be repeated too often.

Thursday, 4 April 2019

In springtime on the river Wiesent

Weekly picture at Fabisch Fly Fishing, Week 14 -  2019

Fly fishing in the spring on the Wiesent has a special charm
Beautiful light in spring at the river Wiesent
 The transition from the end of winter into spring sometimes takes only two weeks. The warmth of the sun is like a promise of the coming, beautiful months. Let us use this time, whether in fly fishing or simply in nature.

Friday, 29 March 2019

Fly fishing classes and meetings in Velden on the Pegnitz

Weekly picture at Fabisch Fly Fishing, Week 13 -  2019

Well over 30 years I offer fly fishing clinics in Velden. Not quite that long the fly fishing meeting takes place in Velden. In four weeks, from 26.04. until 28.04.2019, it's time again, as usual at the Gasthof zur Traube. Fly fishing, fun, fly tying and a good time awaits visitors. PS: Marco Reisen takes part with the new Vision rods. Time to try them out. See you then, Wolfgang.

Saturday, 16 March 2019

Fly tying nymphs, the Golden Bead Nymph

Fly tying nymphs with Wolfgang Fabisch

the fly tying instructions of the Golden Bead Head Nymph

Gold bead nymphs are now very popular. You find them very often in  fly boxes. Many of these patterns are based on the same basic structure.
This is about the skeleton of these nymphs.

Enjoy fly tying

Fly tying dry flies, the CDC Wing BWO

Fly tying dry flies with Wolfgang Fabisch

Click here for the fly tying instructions of the CDC Wing BWO

The Blue Winged Olive dry fly is one of the most famous patterns ever. So it is not surprising that there are many different fly tying methods for this fly.
At this pattern, the wing is made of CDC fibers.

Friday, 1 March 2019

Anticipation is the Greatest Joy

Weekly picture at Fabisch Fly Fishing, Week 09 -  2019

A really big trout on Nmphe in Canada

It will take a while until the big trouts can be caught  again. We look forward to it and look after our fish locally. Let's see how the damage caused by the cormorants counts. I wish you all a great fishing in 2019.

Saturday, 16 February 2019

A Short Excursion into Alaska

Weekly picture at Fabisch Fly Fishing, Week 07 -  2019

The center of the city of Chicken in Alaska consists of five small wooden business buildings
The center of Chicken is very small

Only 70 km away from our claims in the Yukon is the place Chicken. However, it is not easy to reach. Narrow roads with huge trucks should not leave you impatient. You should simply enjoy this excursion without time pressure.